March 31, 2022, four services were launched that allow us to work more with data in the city: Datavalvet, Datatorget, Smarter City Lab and Öppna Data.

One smart, durable, democratic and thoughtful city uses data to improve its operations and make better decisions.


The city of Helsingborg is facing major societal challenges with increased cost pressures due to demographic changes and increased demands for service. To meet these challenges requires a radical innovation where access to data is central to success.

By providing city-wide platforms that enable direct communication between business systems and making city-wide data available, we create conditions for administrations to shorten their lead times, free up resources and provide new personalized services.

The challenge in the initiative is to ensure that the platforms and tools that are intended to be used really work in the city.


In order for different business systems to be able to communicate with each other, we need to test three different platforms; Friends (system integration software), krakenD (API Gateway software) and RabbitMQ (messaging service software).

To store and make available city-wide data, we will use a hybrid solution (cloud & on-prem) from Microsoft. The platform also comes with advanced tools for data-driven innovation.

Last but not least, we will build an AI lab in the city that will help administrations to quickly test their ideas in AI and help strengthen collaboration with academia and business around applied AI.

The components and platforms that we will use are already known (but new to the city), but in order to be able to evaluate their value and relevance, we need to put them into production in a larger pilot context.

Impact target

A technical environment that enables different types of business systems to communicate with each other in real time.


Datatorget is the city's new platform that lets the city's various business systems talk to each other. Now our systems can share capabilities and data in real time, something that previously required expensive and often outdated tools. With Datatorget, it will thus be possible to collaborate more between teams, departments and administrations. Datatorget helps the city's organizations in the digital transformation.

Impact target

A technical environment that enables us to securely store and make available city-wide data for various purposes.


The data vault, we can safely, will collect and store data from the city's operations. Data needs to be structured and be of good quality, which we ensure through Datavalvet. Later, the data can be used for further analysis, which in turn helps us understand how to develop our services to our residents and entrepreneurs.

Impact target

A technical environment that enables rapid testing and production of AI applications.


Smarter City Lab is the city's new lab for AI, artificial intelligence. We help the city's operations to quickly test and evaluate your AI ideas. Smarter City Lab also offers AI training for managers and leaders so that our decisions are based on knowledge.

Impact target

New platform for open data to strengthen collaborations


New platform for open data. For almost ten years, we have been working on sharing data with the public. With the new platform, we want to strengthen collaborations at both regional and national level - and simplify the work for ourselves. Metasolutions is a new supplier of platform and visit our new data portal.

Resident involvement

No involvement of residents in the technical solution, but the use of the technical solution will benefit the residents.


Name: Magnus Lindhe
E-mail: Magnus.Lindhe@helsingborg.se

Name: Heidi Sundin
E-mail: Heidi.Sundin@helsingborg.se