The family screen is an idea based on several needs in healthcare. The needs are to support our customers at home, partly in situations such as loneliness and loss, partly for memory and partly to get started when courage or mood disappoints. The idea bearer for the Family Screen is the nurse Aziza Munke.

Our employees can use the Family Screen to calm the customer in a difficult situation in an adapted way, for example by a family member in a video on the screen telling the customer that it is time to take medicine.


Knowing that a family member or relative has a good life gives a sense of security to a relative or close relative. With the Family Screen, the older family member can experience that the family is always close and accessible.

The family screen increases the quality of life of the elderly by breaking the feeling of loneliness. It also contributes to a positive impact on the elderly's memory, increased joy and reduced anxiety. With the greetings on the Family Screen from relatives and close relatives, the elderly and close relatives get an increased participation in each other's lives.

For employees in healthcare, the Family Screen is a new work tool in nursing work. The screen provides support in situations that are challenging for the staff and difficult for the elderly. With the Family Screen's greetings, employees can receive support in their proactive work. Employees' feelings of inadequacy and stress decrease.


The family screen is an app used on a tablet or TV screen of the elderly. On the screen are pictures of family members and relatives. When you click on the pictures, video or voice greetings started by the person in the picture start.

The greetings in the Family Screen are adapted to different seasons and celebrations, such as birthdays or Christmas. The greetings can also be adapted to different situations, for example about a daily medicine. The elderly person or employee can tap the screen to select a message that is appropriate for the moment.

A relative or close relative can record their greetings to the Family Screen on, for example, a Smartphone or other application with secure login. The greetings land in a database linked to the Family Screen of the family member / relative who will receive them.

Impact target

To reduce the anxiety of our customers and increase the staff's sense of adequacy


Name: Aziza Munke
E-mail: Aziza.Munke@helsingborg.se