We explore the educational possibilities with the latest technology in digital image management using iPad Pro and Apple pencils.


More and more students are expressing a growing desire to want to try and develop the digital part of the visual arts - many dream of working in the games and film industry, but construction and architecture also attract a lot. The image influences that young people today receive are taken from a digital image world, where it is a matter of course that you have experience of and can process an image digitally.


It is still unusual with class sets of iPad Pros and Apple pencils in schools. In this initiative, we enable tests of digital image management on a slightly larger scale than usual and explore what we need to equip ourselves with in order to equip our children and students for a changing labor market.


At the H22 City Expo:


Impact target

Increased knowledge of how digital tools can contribute to teaching

Resident involvement

The students at Holstagårdssskolan participate in the exploration.


Name: Mikael Cavallin - Picture teacher
E-mail: mikael.cavallin@helsingborg.se