Can we use sensors instead of paper, pen and binder to take care of our own control in our kitchens?


To ensure good food hygiene in a commercial kitchen, we use a number of different routines, such as checking at regular intervals that the temperature in the cold room stays within the correct limits. Today, the routines are followed up by noting the temperature in a document and at the same time noting any deviations and what measures we take if there has been a deviation.

This process is done today with pen and paper and there are many papers that are collected in a folder - and many hours are spent checking that temperatures are correct. These are hours that may instead go to talking to a diner or coming up with a new recipe.


We are now investigating how much of the measurement work we can hand over to sensors and how much time we can free up then. We are also curious about what data we can access and what we can do with it if it is no longer locked in a folder.

The idea is being tested and after a first test in the kitchen at Maria Parkskolan which, among other things, showed us that the initial sensors we used did not work in the freezers, we are now investigating whether there are other meters to use.

Impact target

Time saving and increased access to data

Resident involvement

This initiative does not involve the inhabitants to any great extent.


Name: Jonas Paulsson
E-mail: jonas.paulsson@helsingborg.se

Name: Andreas Postl
E-mail: andreas.postl@helsingborg.se

Name: Jakob Troedsson
E-mail: jakob.troedsson@oresundskraft.se