The plain language group consists of people with their own experience of the social administration's services and examines texts from the social administration that are addressed to the public or individual residents: for example on the city's websites, in letters, in decision templates or brochures.

The group is active, and work is being done to make it a permanent part of the operations of the communications department. A challenge that needs to be solved is that ongoing recruitment work is required.


Plain language means writing neatly, simply and comprehensibly, so that you as a resident will understand what we can offer for support and what you yourself should do.


The participants in the group work individually from home, but have the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on their assignments online. The assignment is designed together with the participants and with regard to their individual conditions and wishes. They receive hourly fees for their assignments.

Impact target

The administration's texts must be comprehensible to our residents.

Resident involvement

Residents review our texts


Name: David Bergström
E-mail: david.bergstrom@helsingborg.se