Pingday contributes to a simpler connected life and makes a connected world better.

We connect and connect things and people to create a smart city through our sensor network Stadshubben, which covers the whole of Helsingborg. Data such as temperature, CO2 content, humidity, open closed doors and on / off lamps and stoves are collected, analyzed and visualized and help people to improve, simplify and save on the environment.


Stadshubben is a basic infrastructure for IoT that covers the whole of Helsingborg and via the Stadshubbs Alliance also 50 other Swedish municipalities. The City Hub Alliance is connected to the national IoT network of Finland and Norway.


Pingday has a number of IoT initiatives together with the city and partners where sensors are connected across the City Hub and data is collected to make a difference and create a smarter connected city.


Name: Pingday
E-mail: info@pingday.se