We want to develop more climate-friendly materials to build the city's streets and squares with and what could be better to start with than concrete?


When the city builds new squares, squares and walkways, we often use concrete slabs as ground material. They are durable, handy and do not cost much. But they come at a high climate price. In the manufacturing process, a lot of carbon dioxide is emitted. Concrete fulfills an important function and today there are few better alternatives. The concrete industry, and especially in land contracting, is traditionally conservative and cautious. But society does not have the time to be careful. Climate change requires us to act quickly.


Therefore, the City of Helsingborg invited concrete companies to develop products with a lower climate footprint for land contracts. One company responded and together we have developed a new product, a concrete slab with 20% less emissions in the manufacturing phase than a normal concrete slab. In our work, we have also taken into account transport, dimensioning and physical sustainability in order to further reduce the climate impact.

We call the slab Siena 233 Eklöv, and it has a pattern printed on the surface from Helsingborg's city tree, the oak. It can be seen, among other things, at Grönkulla park and outside Drottningen at Drottninghög. The slab will also be laid in the station areas of Ödåkra, Kattarp and Maria.

Impact target

The goal of the project was to gain access to a more climate-friendly concrete product than what has been on the market, and to change and help a conservative market in the right direction.


Thanks to the City of Helsingborg's commitment, a new climate-friendly concrete slab was developed. The concrete emits 20% less carbon dioxide equivalents than ordinary concrete and the size of the slab enables thinner slabs and thus less concrete than the "normal slab". The plate will be used in several projects within the city of Helsingborg and will be made available for everyone to use.


Name: Alfred Nerhagen
E-mail: alfred.nerhagen@helsingborg.se