How can Helsingborg's students in year F-3 be involved in creating the district of the future? Maria Pettersson at Maria Park School is curious about and with the School and Leisure Administration's innovation funds, she will test the idea of Children's H22.



Instead of the school world being its own place, we want our students to have the opportunity to be a part of urban development in a practical and tangible way.


During the spring term, three classes at the Maria Park school tested planning and building the district of the future. They learn about H22, discuss what a “smart city” can mean, make study visits and challenge the rest of Helsingborg's F-3s to be involved in building the city of the future. In addition to districts, the work of the spring semester resulted in a film where Maria Park students tell about H22.

During the autumn term 2020, a challenge went out to all the city's primary school classes to be involved in building their own district - watch the movie here. 500 students from 10 schools in the city have so far signed up and will during the spring semester 2021 receive support and materials to build their own districts. In parallel, we explore opportunities to create and experience the districts of the future virtually and collaborate with the City Planning Administration's initiative Prattle.

Read more about Children's H22 at The pedagogical site and follow the project on instagram!

At these schools, students are currently building the neighborhoods of the future:

  • Wieselgrensskolan
  • Västra Ramlösa school
  • Husensjö
  • Nanny Palmkvist
  • Gantofta school
  • Maria Parkskolan
  • Ringsstorpsskolan
  • Svensgårdsskolan
  • Vittra Landborgen
  • Slottsvångsskolan
  • Holstagårdsskolan

Vill din skola ta del av Barnens H22? Kontakta sanna.mikkelsen@helsingborg.se!


Status: Realiserad

Barnens H22 har resulterat i flera kreativa idéer och byggen där eleverna visualiserar hur de vill se sina framtida stadsdelar. Dessa byggen finns nu samlade på Maria Park-skolan och arbete pågår för att dels se vilka komponenter som eventuellt kan realiseras och hur omvärlden kan ta del av elevernas arbete under H22 City Expo nästa sommar.

Impact target

Increased student participation in urban development

Impact target

Testing of new digital tools for pedagogy and participation

Resident involvement

The students at 9 schools around the city participate in the project by building the district of the future


Name: Maria Pettersson
E-mail: maria.pettersson1@helsingborg.se

Name: Sanna Mikkelsen
E-mail: sanna.mikkelsen@helsingborg.se