Think what a difference it makes when you feel that you have control, and when you can influence the sisuation but are in. Together with residents who have been in contact with the Labor Market Administration, we have developed an application we call Skills that our participants use for their daily planning. With Skills, residents are given responsibility and the opportunity to manage their time and be involved in their planning. 





We believe in the inhabitants' inner driving forces and abilities. We also believe in the importance of being able to be proactive, be able to prioritize among what needs to be done and be able to influence the context in which someone finds themselves. 

Skills help participants to understand their own needs, find out about our range and the activities we organize. In Skills, participants register for recruitment meetings and information meetings about, for example, job projects or for interview training. Through the tool, a participant gets an overview of what has been done and what should happen. 

Skills continue to develop along with the residents who use it. Now we release a new feature in Skills. By answering a number of questions about themselves, participants can match themselves to jobs and recruitment meetings and get tips on which activities are most suitable based on each person's conditions and needs.





The starting point is always to develop Skills in dialogue with our users, ie the residents who are in contact with the Labor Market Administration. It is their needs that govern and it is with them that we want to see the value and effects.

During the spring, when it was no longer possible for groups to meet as before, we have created a range of activities online in Skills, with live seminars, webinars and activity sessions focusing on both work and health. to name a few examples.

The tool enables a large space for influence and influence in the process towards a new job. Skills is a way for residents to stay informed about and be able to participate in our large range of activities and is developed together with residents.

Impact target

A higher degree of self-leadership among the residents we work with, as well as more people into work.

Resident involvement

Residents have been involved in all phases of the work, from needs analysis to developing a solution and testing it.


Name: Peter Ekström
E-mail: peter.ekstrom@helsingborg.se