Many have to do a lot - How can the city's activities become an active party in society's work to prevent over-exploitation and criminal schemes aimed at welfare systems?

Social innovation can create conditions for local government collaboration with a focus on welfare crime, economic crime and illicit influence.


Violations of welfare cost the state, regions and municipalities huge sums annually. It reduces tax power, increases spending and contributes to distortions of competition in markets. This at the same time as trust in the welfare system and the public sector is negatively affected and contributes to creating parallel societies where criminals can act with e.g. using tax funds. The city participates in government assignments with a focus on preventing and preventing crimes against welfare, Municipal, the project is led by the Police Authority.

Systematic cooperation between authorities is required to prevent, detect and investigate crimes. It requires a high degree of safety and accuracy, while a trying and experimental approach is needed to find new, more effective methods. Inadequate collaboration gives missed chances for correct decisions.


With the support of senior researchers in the subject of integrated product development at KTH, we will explore in the autumn of 2022 how social innovation, innovation for public organizations, can create conditions for effective local government collaboration with a focus on welfare crimes.

Authority collaboration is fully utilized - the city's operations and employees know and use more opportunities that enable correct processing and correct agreements and decisions.

Employees and managers can receive support within the city or from the cooperating authority in elements that feel insecure.

The city's activities fulfill obligations and use opportunities for information sharing internally and to cooperating authorities in order to prevent, detect and investigate welfare crimes.

Impact target

Reduced costs for incorrect payments in financial assistance and care and the care sector

Impact target

Reduced opportunity to use entrepreneurship as a criminal tool through municipal control in collaboration with the state


Name: Erika Duvner
E-mail: erika.duvner@helsingborg.se