The waste innovator's task is to be innovative in the area of food waste. The waste innovator must investigate what is required to bring about a lasting change in how the administration handles its food waste. The project runs from January to June 2021.


In the work of reducing food waste, public kitchens and meals have a major role to play. We are the ones who will lead the change to a more sustainable society. As it looks today, we throw away a third of all food produced. A waste of resources like no other, which we want to stop.

The subject of food waste gives rise to many questions and the need for change. What should we do when the food is cooked in one place, but transported and delivered to another where it is to be consumed, with limited resources to use leftovers? What do we do with circumstances that are difficult to influence; long stopping times to order, daily mood of the meal guest and atmosphere at the time of the meal?

The pig innovator, together with our skilled and experienced nursing staff and cooks in the city, will try to come up with good and functional solutions.


During the project, we will test different types of measurement methods, organize workshops and offer knowledge acquisition for those affected. Quite simply, eyes should be opened, we should think outside the famous box and come up with good tools to reduce our food waste, and above all, the food should end up there at home; in the stomach and not on the rubbish heap!

Impact target

The amount of discarded food is reduced

Resident involvement

Nursing staff and cooks in the city, but also residents and customers. Food waste is complex and the amount is affected by both those who work with the food and those who eat it, with workshops and interviews we get a deeper understanding of what drives food waste but also ideas and input to reduce it!


Name: Ingrid Berg
E-mail: ingrid.bergh@helsingborg.se