Last year, approximately 6 million kWh of climate-friendly heat was produced from our landfill in Helsingborg. Over the past year, NSR has invested SEK 6 million in a project with the potential to quadruple the withdrawal, where Klimatklivet contributes half the investment.
At the same time, we are reviewing our way of measuring. Together with Avfall Sverige, Region Gotland and Hässleholm Miljö, we have carried out a project to develop measurement methods for diffuse methane emissions. Different methods have been compared to develop the best measurement method.
According to the method of measurement that provides the greatest certainty in the comparison, the emissions from Filbornadeponin in Helsingborg (one of Sweden's largest) increase from 17,250 tonnes of CO2 equivalents to 29,500 tonnes, which shows how difficult it is to calculate the emissions. Regardless of the measurement method, 2020 will mean greatly reduced emissions from our operations and we hope that more withdrawal systems will be built globally.



About 11 % of the world's global climate emissions come from landfilling. It is now forbidden to deposit waste that contains over 10% organic material, and therefore we make biogas from food waste and incinerate residual waste. By pumping out landfill gas and burning it, the climate footprint can be reduced to 1 / 25th.


Different methods have been compared to develop the best measurement method.

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