Around Oceanpiren you will in a few years be able to visit Sweden's first marine park with the goal of creating better conditions for plants and animals in the sea. But also create new experiences for residents and visitors. Within this project, we want to develop and test structures that can be attached to existing surfaces or placed in open water.


Today, quay edges are often straight and animals and plants in the sea have difficulty attaching to the edge to any great extent. We want to change this by developing and testing structures, adapted for life in the sea, which can be attached to quayside, for example. We also want to develop structures that can be released into open water, such as chains or similar structures that animals and plants can attach to. To add to that, we also want to try placing art in the water that can be overgrown or similarly draw attention down below the surface, like a gallery of the sea.

There are many projects done around the world on so-called surface enlargement of quays and artificial reefs, but nothing that also aims to make the biological values in the sea visible to residents. For the experience to be exciting, it is important that the measures can impart more values such as aesthetics and culture to visitors.


We will hire a consultant and partner to help us design proposals for measures that we can try. We are also investigating the possibility of collaborating internationally with both universities and companies that have experience of creating structures for the marine environment.

The goal is to increase the biological values where the structures are located so that more plants and animals can live in the harbor. That new values are created for residents who can focus on the sea and the life that exists there. It will also give us an idea of what structures work in our climate and conditions. Finally, we will also get an idea of what measures that improve the urban marine environment can cost. The biological values will be evaluated by divers who do a pre- and post-study of the biological values of the various installations.

Then a video here where the environmental administration's marine biologist Stina Bertilsson Vuksan talks about our initiative. 

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Impact target

Create better conditions for plants and animals in the sea.

Impact target

Create new experiences for residents and visitors where the sea meets the city.


Name: Stina Bertilsson Adult
E-mail: Stina.BertilssonVuksan@helsingborg.se

Name: Robert Jakobsson-Åhl
E-mail: Robert.Jakobsson-Ahl@helsingborg.se