Parents of placed children need support to be the best parents they can be at a distance. This support will also help the parents to a better life situation and a better collaboration with social services and family homes.


The social administration has the task of providing support to parents with placed children. This has previously happened to a far too small extent and we have wanted to improve that work. But what kind of support is really in demand? A working group with people with their own experience of having their children placed, social workers and developers has worked out the proposal. The purpose is to make a three-part parenting work for the benefit of the children.


Today, the social administration has set up a service to support parents with placed children. At the same time, the association Puff (Placed Young Parents' Association) has been formed, so that parents can also choose to receive support from people with their own experience. This association complements the professional support from the administration with a social support.

Impact target

Parents must have support to be able to be better parents at a distance, for the best interests of the child

Resident involvement

Puff partly means a point of contact between parents and arranges social contexts where parents can be invited. The association also offers a contact with its own contact person from Puff.


Name: Tommy Grundström
E-mail: tommy.grundstrom@helsingborg.se