Through placemaking, we activate the park and fill the park with creativity, events, ideas and joy.


In order for more people to experience that a place is perceived as safe, we have rebuilt the place in 2018, and now we are also testing to activate it together with the residents. We know that trust in others and a good community in an area creates security and we want to improve that by using the park as an arena. We also know that places are perceived as safe if there are many who use it and there are many different groups who use it who have different backgrounds, look different, from different generations and so on.


We have set aside a budget so that we can provide support for ideas about projects, events and activities that residents or associations want to do in the park. To capture commitment, we are active and also look for the groups that do not use the park as much today as, for example, students or looking for enthusiasts with whom we can collaborate.

The city also creates a basic range of activities and events in collaboration with associations and companies. In 2021, we have programs for spring, summer, autumn and winter for all target groups such as children's yoga, chess, music concerts and more, and in 2022 the concept will be expanded to also be on Gustav Adolf's square.

We collaborate with Business and Destination.

Impact target

More people experience Furutorpsplatsen as safe. More groups use the park and that you use it more throughout the year and not just during the day.


Name: Moa Sundberg
E-mail: moa.sundberg@helsingborg.se