In 2022, we want to test whether a new way of working with trained social service dogs can promote the health and well-being of vulnerable children and young people who meet the social services, and whether it can increase the service and support we offer by better understanding and communicating with our clients. .


We see that it is not enough that the environment and staff are pleasant in the conversation with children under investigation by the social services today. Sometimes something more is needed to make children feel safe and comfortable that way
that the conversation can be good and lead to valuable efforts for the child.

In Sweden, certain units in health care and elderly care were the first to use care dogs at work. Eventually, several BUP units and schools have also caught on to this trend as they saw a noticeable effect of service dogs in healthcare. Now the time has come for the social services to test whether this can create value for the residents of Helsingborg!


During May and June 2022, we will test the working method with social service dogs in three of our areas of activity, with the help of a consultant dog and dog handler from Vårdhundskolan.

We also review the possibility of creating value within the school, and design a test with homemakers together with the School and Leisure Administration.

Afterwards, we will investigate further what value we saw was created for the various parties and see how we could implement the working method in the entire organization.

Impact target

Increased security at meetings and conversations with children in contact with the social administration

Impact target

Better service for children and adults through better treatment in support conversations and in investigations

Resident involvement

A test will be performed together with selected families who are in active contact with the social administration.

  • Driven by

    External, The school and leisure administration, The social administration

  • Challenge

    How do we promote mental and physical health among young people?

  • Category


  • Estimated budget

    60,000 kr

  • Cost so far

    62160 kr

  • Sector

    Children and young people, Parents, Mental Health, Social sustainability

  • Partners

    The care dog school


Name: Martina Barte
E-mail: martina.barte@helsingborg.se

Name: Sirivan Erman
E-mail: sirivan.erman @ helsingborg, se