An interactive neighborhood dialogue with tools for co-creation in the public space. Through dialogue, co-creation and visualization (on mobile planks), we can better understand whether there is a perceived division in the area, how it manifests itself and discover differences between different neighborhoods, which affect the residents' quality of life.


Fredriksdal is a divided district. In previous dialogues, it has been noted that there is a lack of identity, belonging and community. To better understand how this affects the residents' relationship to their district, but also to explore different and equal factors that affect quality of life and security, we test using a new method that combines dialogue in the urban environment and visualization.


During the Children and Young People's Festival in May 2021, we will set up mobile Snack Plank in three blocks. For three days we staff these planks and talk to passers-by about Fredriksdal. We will ask questions and ask people to paint words and pictures on Snackeplanket. Together we create a work of art that describes the inhabitants' image and feeling for Fredriksdal! With us in the process, we have the cultural administration, district developers, residents and researchers.

Snackplank is part of a larger whole, Inhabitants' Lab, where we perform various tests that explore resident dialogue and co-creation. Residents Lab helps us to understand this process, as researchers affiliated with DUS, the Exploratory City, participate actively and can thus describe the process from within. Learning by doing!

Impact target

An increased participation in solving complex and common challenges in Fredriksdal.

Resident involvement

The process around Snackeplank is based on residents' participation from idea - implementation - to understanding and using the results.


Name: Malin Grahn Marksell
E-mail: malin.grahn.marksell@helsingborg.se