In the spring of 2022, Sofiero Castle Garden will be equipped with water sensors that measure the soil's moisture with the help of sensors and send information about this to the garden staff. With the help of this, the staff can control the water supply based on the actual needs of the park rather than pre-assumed, planned initiatives. The project is carried out together with the City Building Administration.


The water supply is made more efficient and creates a more rational park operation. This is a scalable project in several sentences. We start with a fairly small number of sensors, and if it turns out well, a larger number will be placed. In addition, the project can be scaled up qualitatively by exploring how other types of nutrients (eg nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) can also be controlled by the donors. With a larger upscaling, time is also freed up for other parts of the park operation.


Installation of sensors and development work with regard to possible upscaling.


Name: Mikael Löfving
E-mail: mikael.lofving@helsingborg.se