In the smarter city, technology helps keep us safe. Helsingborg is the first city in the world with lifebuoys that automatically warn when they are removed from their places - thanks to connected magnetic sensors.

The city has between 50 and 100 lifebuoys that are picked from its holder every year, most of the cases without being used for the purpose for which they are available. They are thrown into the water, they are thrown into the bushes, they are stacked on piles, etc.…

When Development Engineer Andreas Hall, who works with digitizing Helsingborg's public spaces, realized that magnetic sensors could be the key to realizing this project, he searched with lights and lanterns and finally discovered that the right sensor for the job already existed, but in a very unexpected place away in the USA!



With the help of connected lifebuoys, we can all feel secure that lifesaving equipment will be in place if we need it, so we can enjoy our beaches, streams and ponds with peace.


By connecting the buoys, we can create an opportunity for the contractor to directly know how many buoys have been moved from their place and they avoid unnecessary extra runs and the city can reduce costs. In this way, our maintenance contractors can replace missing lifebuoys faster and save on both time and driving to monitor and replace life-saving equipment in the city.

Then, most importantly, we can save lives.

Impact target

In the smarter city, technology helps keep us safe. The goal is increased security for the city's residents and visitors.


The city's lifebuoys are connected and the contractor receives an alarm when a buoy is no longer in place. However, working methods, roles and the digital infrastructure behind them need to be fine-tuned to maximize the effect.


Name: Andreas Hall
E-mail: andreas.hall@helsingborg.se