Smart weather protection is an idea- and opportunity-driven innovation which means that a presence sensor has been placed inside the weather protection to signal to the bus driver that there are passengers waiting. In this way, we make it easier both for the bus driver who knows that he will stop and for the traveler who can safely stand inside the weather protection and wait for the bus.


The smart weather protection works in such a way that the window facing the direction the bus comes from lights up green when someone is waiting. The green light signals to the bus driver that he should stop and drop off new passengers so that you as a traveler can calmly and safely stay inside the weather protection when it is dark and rainy.

The background is that the city wants to make it easier for residents who make climate-smart choices. Smart weather protection is part of making it easier for you who live in the countryside to commute.


Right now, presence sensors are being tested at two different rural stops in Bårslöv. If the test turns out well, there are plans to scale up and place more presence sensors at rural stops.

Impact target

Easier to take a bus from rural stops.


Name: Andreas Hall
E-mail: andreas.hall@helsingborg.se