“I enjoy golf, growing tomatoes, the Rolling Stones and making new acquaintances. Do you like it too? Where did you find your latest friend and what was it that paired you up? ”

“My tomatoes do not want to grow. I have googled, watched videos on Youtube and asked the friends I have for advice. While I appreciate today's technology, I miss someone to talk about my crops with. I do not think it is unusual for people my age. The interests I have I do not always share with my circle of acquaintances and sometimes it can feel difficult to find new interests to share interests with. So where do I find them then? Those whose tomatoes grow so it cracks?

"Inhabithon - 70+" was organized in June 2020 and the winning team presented a solution they call "Hojta". An app that connects people around common interests. Now we are developing the app as a prototype together with the team and the target group are people aged 70+ with whom we will develop the solution together.


The Hojta app is a simple digital tool for connecting people with the same interests. The app increases the social networking for 70+ and thus helps to reduce isolation and loneliness in the target group.


The focus in the app is on interests, not on profile pictures likes or number of followers. The reason for this is that new relationships should be created rather than having another place to hang out with your existing friends. The common interest becomes the engine in relationship building and the physical meetings are the ultimate goal.

The inspiration for the platform comes from Tinder, Yoda, Instagram and Facebook - all with their good function but no one meets the user in the way that Hojta intends to do.

The concept is a simple platform that is geographically limited. The user creates his own username which does not have to be his own (and therefore not personal data-bearing). The profile picture function is completely deselected. The user completely selects the degree of anonymity desired.

The functionality that the app has is a series of images that the user swipes through. Then there is a chat room connected to each picture where the user communicates with other users with the same interests. This is where the first building block is laid for a new relationship.

The motivation of the Inhabithon jury

Team Neothon has picked up a real need and presents a solution that combines innovative thinking and realistic possibilities for realization. In addition, this solution enables data-driven further development from its very first step and can therefore add increasing value to users as time goes on without you actually having to develop more than what has already been done.

read more about inhabithon here.

Impact target

New social contacts and reduced experience of loneliness in the target group 70+.


The prototype was well received by users. However, it was difficult to test the app on a large scale due to covid-19. The initiative is thus dormant

  • Driven by

    The city management administration

  • Challenge

    How can we help people feel less lonely?

  • Category


  • Technologies

    Application, Machine Learning

  • Estimated budget

    50,000 kr

  • Cost so far

    50,000 kr

  • Sector

    Co-creation, Mental Health, Social innovation

  • Partners

    Hbg Works, Neodev AB


Name: Tommy Boije
E-mail: tommy.boije@helsingborg.se

Name: Lovisa Snekkersten
E-mail: lovisa.snekkersten@helsingborg.se