Learning Swedish is perhaps the most important thing for those who have just arrived in Sweden to be able to get a job. Swedish for immigrants (SFI) is now being redesigned to adapt to different vocational tracks to speed up the time it takes to learn Swedish.


With a reorganization of SFI, Vuxenutbildningen in Helsingborg wants to increase the motivation of students, speed up the time it takes to learn Swedish and increase the conditions for going on to a job or a vocational education after SFI. By taking advantage of the students' interests and previous experiences, they get help to find the right professional track and it will then be easier and more fun to learn Swedish and finish SFI.

The occupational tracks are chosen to correspond to the occupations where there is a great shortage of labor in Helsingborg. Thus, the market is helped to find new staff and get the right skills for their companies, and SFI students increase their chances of getting a job as there is a need for employment on the other side.



All SFI students will be mapped, which means that you get help to get an idea of your needs, conditions and interests. In this way, we can increase the conditions for receiving SFI teaching that works for everyone. If a student has basic reading and writing difficulties or if you may completely lack previous study habits, SFI can look like this, but if the student is an academic with great study habits, we enable a fast track in combination with high school courses.

The survey is also a prerequisite for finding the right professional track from the beginning and in that way also makes it easier to maintain motivation.

There are five different specializations in the professional tracks:

  • Nursing
  • Construction, facility and property
  • Preschool / school
  • Service
  • Warehousing, logistics and transport

Impact target

Shorter throughput time, ie more people learn Swedish faster.

Impact target

More foreign-born at work


Name: Henriikka Airaskorpi
E-mail: henriikka.airaskorpi@helsingborg.se