A thousand locks - a key

In the autumn of 2019, NSR began using a digital key to all garbage rooms with a locked door in the city of Helsingborg. This means that instead of 14,000 keys, drivers now only need a single key.


On a regular passport, a driver could previously have a keychain with up to 100 keys. Now it is enough with a single key that is activated with today's emptying points before each work shift.

The benefits are many

  • Better working environment
  • A key to open all locked garbage rooms
  • Reduced time required for key administration
  • Lost key is no problem
  • Opportunity for collaboration with the rescue service and the home service
  • Full control - all openings are logged


The system with digital keys means that the existing locks in the waste rooms are supplemented with an accessory with a digital cylinder so that a digital key can open all the waste rooms.

The digital keys only work for the limited time of a work shift and are unusable for the rest of the time. A lost digital key is blocked by NSR.

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Name: Martin Gren
E-mail: martin.gren@nsr.se