We are testing whether sensors can help us reduce the number of expressions connected to windows that are open when they should not be.


In large schools with many windows and doors, it can be difficult, or at least time consuming, to ensure that everything is closed before going home for the day. Open windows increase the risk of burglary and the security company's calls cost unnecessary tax money. Today, between 5 and 10 expressions are made every week. We want to see if we can get rid of these by using sensors that tell about and which window is open.


We test 15 magnetic sensors at the Tycho Brahe school and connect them to a dashboard that easily shows how many and which windows are open.

Watch a film about the project here!

Lösningen är tillgänglig för flera skolor att använda, här kan du köpa tjänsten. https://intranat.helsingborg.se/it-och-digitalisering/produkter-och-tjanster/produkter-for-digitalisering/iot-internet-of-things/iot-produkter-som-du-kan-bestalla/sakra-fonster/

Impact target

Reduced expression costs associated with open windows


The sensors have made it possible to see which windows are open and which are closed.

Resident involvement

In this initiative, residents are not directly involved.


Name: Per Padovano - Safety Coordinator School and Leisure Administration
E-mail: per.padovano@helsingborg.se

Name: Karolina Ekerlund - Hbg Works
E-mail: Karolina.ekerlund@helsingborg.se

Name: Jakob Troedsson - Pingday
E-mail: Jakob.Troedsson@pingday.com