We test whether it is possible to optimize the irrigation of our lawns to both minimize the amount of water and put the right amount of water at the right time and in the right place


Because the sensors read moisture and temperature in the soil at two different depths, irrigation and fertilizer supply can be optimized. We will be able to minimize and optimize water and nutrient supply as the grass roots have the best opportunity to address this.


Burial of sensors is done in two or six places on a football field. Each sensor can measure temperature and humidity at two depths. Because the roots' only drive to grow is the pursuit of water. Therefore, we strive to always have a certain moisture further down in the ground than at the surface. This creates a deeper root system that can absorb larger volumes of water and thus also nutrients. We also get a grass that is healthier and more durable.

Impact target

Reduced water consumption by 50 % and thus improved nutrient uptake. This creates a healthier and more durable grass.


Name: Anders Hammarlund
E-mail: anders.hammarlund@helsingborg.se