The bridge between Anneroskolan and Dalhem center is perceived as unsafe due to young people staying there. Some of these youths have been reported throwing stones, shooting fireworks and attacking guards and blue light personnel.


Previously, measures have been tested such as pruning vegetation, erecting a work of art adjacent to the south side of the bridge and establishing an outdoor restaurant for the local pizzeria on the north side of the bridge. Security hosts and security guards also patrol the center, the school and the area. Despite the measures, young people continue to hang on to the bridge, appear threatening and disrupt public order.


We want to investigate what technical possibilities are on the market today, test new applications of existing technology and possibly also develop new technology in order to create solutions that can alleviate the unrest on the bridge. The vision is to involve the business community, residents in the local area and the school to develop an innovative prototype to test.

Impact target

We expect fewer reported crimes, less damage and increased security among residents who move in the area.


Name: Andrée Olsson Lilja
E-mail: andree.olssonlilja@helsingborg.se