We, Räddningstjänsten Skåne Nordväst (RSNV) want in a new way to convey and investigate how children, young people and other target groups can handle risky situations and environments, identify risks, be able to act when the accident has occurred, handle peer pressure and learn to work together in teams.


We want to find a way to work that is mobile, interactive and experience-based. After a SAFETOUR, the participants must remember what they have been through, it must be a positive, fun and educational experience. We want to work with and involve residents in the various residential areas where the method, if successful, can be used. We want to use and make visible the rescue service's good trust and tools to create relationships and work preventively. We create experiences where all the senses are activated. Risk and safety awareness increases, you become confident in being able to act when something happens. Security is created!


We will build interactive environments where the experience is at the center. Participants are allowed to act in realistic environments in different scenarios. Various risks or events will be staged, unpleasant but also positive that the participant may suddenly find yourself in. We build physical and digital scenarios. It can be actors / drama students / young people acting or digital simulation. The participant is part of what happens interspersed with reflections.
We will develop SAFETOUR into a mobile method. SAFETOUR must be able to tour between different districts and municipalities.

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    The rescue service Skåne Nordväst


Name: Anne Eriksson
E-mail: anne.eriksson@rsnv.se

Name: Dennis Borg
E-mail: dennis.borg@rsnv.se