How do we ensure that residents become more engaged and feel ownership of the physical space of the city? SafeGrowth is a method that has been used in many parts of the world, with successful results. Now we want to test this innovative method for the first time in Europe and Sweden, and we are doing it here in Helsingborg.



SafeGrowth which is a method for district development based on CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design), which means that we work in a defined residential area together with residents, businesses and the local police to reduce the incidence of crime by building / changing environments in such a way that crime is aggravated. This by also taking into account the social aspect of crime prevention.

The working method means that you create an understanding and get a deeper picture of the problems in the area you are working on. The goal is to find a connection between the actual crime and the perceived insecurity on the spot in order to develop appropriate strategies, all in collaboration with the city's residents. The work takes place according to the five steps: the vision, problem identification, problem analysis, strategy and evaluation.


The philosophy is based on the belief that functioning districts are given the best conditions for developing and building the city of tomorrow. It is believed that crime is best handled in the geographical area / district and that it is best done together with those who live in the district through the principle To - For - With. The work is based on a bottom up perspective and with the strategy of working as close to the roots as possible. It is also based on the residents together gaining an understanding and learning to use the method and tools to prevent crime.

Watch a film about the initiative here.

Impact target

Increased local involvement that provides personal contacts between residents and professionals within the district

Impact target

Increased common knowledge about security creation and crime prevention work

Impact target

Increased perceived security and reduced crime

Resident involvement

During the autumn of 2021, committed residents from Drottninghög together with officials from the City of Helsingborg and Helsingborgshem will receive an education based on the various aspects of crime prevention, the physical and the social. The goal is to get the residents to learn to create safe, secure and sustainable places in the long term in an organized and structured form with the support of district developers.


Name: Erika Duvner
E-mail: Erika.Duvner@helsingborg.se

Name: Jessica Bernebring Melander
E-mail: jessica.bernebringmelander@helsingborg.se