Robot cultivation is currently being tested in a pallet collar, where the robot grows spices for our café in the Orangery at Sofiero. The spices that are grown include Basil and Oregano to be used for the café's pizzas.

Robot cultivation takes place on a small scale, and works in such a way that it takes advantage of the open source data available at other facilities in the industry.

The robot is located at the entrance to Sofieros Orangeri.


For our part, we do not anticipate that castle gardening can be robotized to a greater extent, but a small-scale test may be of value to other actors, such as commercial gardens, vegetable growers and agriculture, where the possibilities for scaling up can be of great interest.


Robotization in limited, controllable areas, such as cultivations in pallet collars. We will seek collaborations with other facilities and external actors who are interested in following the test and possibly take it further.


Name: Mikael Löfving
E-mail: mikael.lofving@helsingborg.se