In Oceanhamnen, there are unique opportunities to utilize waste in new, sustainable ways. The resource house will be an innovative investment that does just that, in the form of a hub for sustainable waste management and recycling.

The project will promote circular economy in the North Sea region. Circular economy means closing the circle so that waste is minimized, either by reusing, recycling or becoming a raw material in new products


In order to create a House of Resources, it is important to come to the realization that waste is a resource. Minimizing waste is always the most important thing. Then there is recycling and reuse, followed by material recycling and finally energy recovery.


The resource house will be a gathering place where people pick up packages, hand in waste for recycling or recycling, and much more. The ambition is to support a more circular economy, reduce waste and create a sense of social community.

The work has resulted in a large part of the Resource House concept being realized in the upcoming Mobility House in Oceanhamnen. We work together with the company Hub Park to showcase the concept, including parts of the digital platform for residents during H22 City Expot.

Impact target

Establish collaborative activities in Hub Park's mobility building in Oceanhamnen to reduce truck transport and waste


Name: Christina Zoric Persson
E-mail: christina.zoric.persson@helsingborg.se