The City of Helsingborg and Öresundskraft must show a viable way to prevent, resist, manage and recover from interruptions in electricity and communication solutions to safeguard society's protective values, such as life and health and society's functionality.


Modern society is strongly dependent on a well-functioning energy supply. Disruptions and interruptions in the supply of electricity, fuel, gas and heat can quickly lead to serious consequences, both for human and animal life and health and for the functionality of society. As the city of Helsingborg is digitized, the dependence on a secure electricity supply and infrastructure that enables communication increases. In parallel with this development, the world around us has changed, with new threats and a security policy situation as a result.


Resistance 22 is an overall project that consists of a number of sub-areas:

  1. Own supply of electricity

If there are interruptions or restrictions in the supply of electricity from the main and regional networks, Helsingborg will be directly affected. Therefore, measures are proposed to, to a certain extent, be able to secure its own supply and distribution of electricity, primarily to the city's socially important activities.

  1. Consumption control in the event of an interruption

In the event of various types of disruptions and interruptions, it is important that certain socially important activities can be prioritized and that it is possible to control consumption for these activities. This is done within the framework of the national project Board initiated by the Swedish Energy Agency.

  1. Secure communications in all situations

The City of Helsingborg's operations and residents have a great dependence on communication. If ordinary communication solutions are lacking or down, the city must be able to meet this need in another way.

  1. Socio-economic analysis

The socio-economic analysis will be used to clarify the economic consequences of interruptions in electricity and communication solutions. It must also be possible to use it to justify risk-reducing and capacity-building measures.

  1. Continuity planning

Despite risk-reducing measures and a possible ability to self-supply electricity and communication solutions, businesses and citizens of Helsingborg must have the ability to do without this. The area includes partly developing continuity plans in the city's operations but also creating an understanding of the citizens of Helsingborg and their conditions for dealing with interruptions.

Impact target

The City of Helsingborg and Öresundskraft AB must be able to show a passable path and have taken the first steps to illustrate how continued digitization and electrification of society can be secured.

Impact target

Through innovative continuity solutions and conscious decisions, reduce vulnerability to threats and risks that occur in both today's and tomorrow's smart city.

Resident involvement

Part of the project is about strengthening the residents' ability to handle interruptions. Therefore, a study has done specifically about their impact and reactions in the event of interruptions (Lund University)


Name: Sofia Persson
E-mail: Sofia.persson@helsingborg.se