In the residents' lab, we want to find the answer to the question, how can the city engage more residents in the districts around various societal challenges? What methods and tools are sustainable and effective?

The residents' lab works on the basis of the hypothesis - by creating good conditions for residents, public organizations, business and the idea-driven sector to meet in "lab form" around various challenges, we find common solutions and innovations that contribute to increased quality of life in the districts.

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Different districts in Helsingborg have several and different challenges such as long-term unemployment, school results, insecurity and crime, housing segregation and lack of community service. The function and purpose of the residents' lab is to find ways to cooperate with residents who are affected by the problem - e.g. students, the unemployed, young people, the elderly - and involve them in the development and testing of innovative solutions to societal challenges, together with actors from different sectors of society.


The residents 'lab is based on the belief that the residents' participation in the planning and development of different districts carries great potential and is a response to how we make the city's development more democratic and ensure that we work for inclusion. The idea is to, as part of the process, give the resident the opportunity to lead and define for themselves what the need is. What is it that raises and strengthens the quality of life and how can we together remove obstacles to better well-being? Through a needs identification, idea generation, solution design and tests in order to create new social innovations, the residents' lab will investigate the HOW.

Impact target

Inhabitant lab provides an increased quality of life for residents of Planteringen and Fredriksdal.

Impact target

Trust has increased between residents and the city's organizations and involvement in the components has increased around various societal challenges

Impact target

More residents have become involved in various challenges in their district that they themselves have raised.

Impact target

New collaborations have been started with idea-driven organizations, public actors, the business community and residents in the districts

Impact target

In collaboration between actors, new activities and social innovations have emerged in order to increase the community

Resident involvement

Living in Fredriksdal and Planteringen is part of the process from start to finish - it is the resident who leads the process by identifying what the need is and what the solution looks like.

  • Challenge

    How do we make the development of our city more democratic?

  • Category


  • Estimated budget

    1300000 kr

  • Partners

    Labor market administration, Research and Development Unit (R&D), Helsingborgshem, IdeA Drottninghög, The Cultural Administration, Linköping University, Lunds university, Area network Fredriksdal, Area network Planting, Save the Children


Name: True Melling
E-mail: sanna.melling@helsingborg.se