The winning team focused on security, more specifically the perceived security in the city and developed a solution based on relationship building and how to package and communicate these relationships.


For two days, 7-8 October 2020, employees from the entire Helsingborg Group were invited to participate in a hackathon. A hackathon is a format where you work for a limited time to develop sharp proposals for solutions. This time it was about gathering around the city's common orientations; security, integration and quality of life.

As the final day two, all teams therefore had to perform a 5 minute pitch. All the teams and a jury with different abilities inside and outside the city were present.



The perceived insecurity increases, the hypothesis of the winning team is that if you get to know people in your immediate area, you not only create new relationships that make you more secure, you can also break your and others' prejudices. In the team's pitch, a solution was presented where the municipality invites selected people within a district to a meeting, a conversation. The conversation highlights the security issue and the people work together to get a safer district. The meeting is filmed and documented for distribution both within the district but also to be able to be copied in other districts.

The winning proposal will be worked on further at the Labor Market Administration, they will not take the idea straight off, but be inspired by and do something similar.

Impact target

Increased perceived security in their immediate area


Name: Karolina Ekerlund
E-mail: karolina.ekerlund@helsingborg.se

Name: Jennifer Tong
E-mail: Jennifer.Tong@helsingborg.se