The construction of RecoLab (Recovery lab) is in full swing. At the beginning of 2021, the test bed and operation will begin to run, and a little later in the spring, the showroom will be inaugurated.



Together with the test bed and showroom, the operating facility will be a hub of knowledge where community development of local cycles of industry, water and energy will take a major development step. The operating facility, recovery plant, is a pilot that will be measured and evaluated.


Through interdisciplinary dialogues and with factual data from H +, operational and test bed trials, RecoLab becomes a unique catalyst for societal development on many levels. However, our focus and strategic work do not let go of the aim of developing local cycles for industry, water and energy.

  • Driven by

    Northwest Skåne's Water and Sewerage

  • Category

    Climate & Environment

  • Technologies

    Environmental technology

  • Sector

    Circular economy, Digitization, Environment

  • Partners

    Helsingborg City, NSR, Öresundskraft


Name: Amanda Haux
E-mail: amanda.haux@nsva.se