Reco Lab

Reco Lab (recovery lab) is a development step to develop resource management of separated wastewater. The business consists of a development facility, where the recycling of resources from the three pipes from H + takes place, a test bed and a showroom. The latter will be a unique communicative test bed around current community development with a focus on H +, Helsingborg's new, environmentally profiled district.



Overall goals

Reco Lab provides measurable results to contribute to national and global sustainability goals.

Reco Lab is a locally, regionally and nationally well-known meeting place that catalyzes knowledge, development and innovations around water, energy and waste flows, primarily in urban environments.

Reco Lab has a development fund

Reco Lab is a significant developer of simulations in circular circuits. The simulations are the basis for decision-making for urban development.


Together with the test bed and showroom, the operating facility will be a hub of knowledge where community development of local cycles of industry, water and energy will take major development steps. The development facility will measure and evaluate "three pipes out" as well as the operating technology used to recycle primarily nitrogen and phosphorus. Together with the test bed, various, large and small, development projects will be implemented. Showroom will be the window that visualizes and makes available new interesting facts for different gatherings. Through interdisciplinary dialogues and with factual data from H +, operational and test bed experiments, Reco Lab becomes a unique catalyst for societal development on many different levels.


Reco Lab's goals are achieved through collaboration with other businesses, companies and universities. We work with many different players with partly different target groups to achieve Reco Lab's impact and operational goals:

  • an increase in internal funding through research and development projects.
  • offer a place in a test bed for companies, universities and other research activities
  • offer a company place with meeting arrangements in the showroom
  • the organization behind the showroom where the City and the municipal energy, waste and VA actors collaborate internally and externally with events and communication in the showroom and the H + area.
  • The gatherings in the showroom will invite different actors and have different hosts. The common denominator for the meetings is that everyone is connected to one of Reco Lab's operational and / or impact goals.
  • Driven by

    City of Helsingborg


Name: Amanda Haux
E-mail: Amanda.Haux@nsva.se