Did you know that tiny sensors around us in Helsingborg keep track of everything from air and water temperature to where bicycles are?

They also control the indoor climate in schools and sports facilities, let the trees order water when they need it - and notify the garbage collectors when your recycling and waste bins need to be emptied. In the smart city, these cost- and energy-efficient LoRa sensors send information and receive instructions via our wireless network Open City Hub.

Almost anything can be connected - whether it makes life in the smart city safer, faster, smoother or just more fun. Our Open City Hub is simply connection as a service, open to anyone with LoRa sensors and where all data is protected with encryption in several layers. How would you like to use the technology to improve everyday life in Helsingborg?

Get help realizing your ideas and stay up to date on how the network and uses continue to grow The City Hub Alliance's website. Or watch this short film about how LoRa sensors and the Internet of Things work.

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Name: Jakob Troedsson
E-mail: Jakob.Troedsson@oresundskraft.se