The project maps mental illness among young girls aged 12-18 with the goal of finding solutions together with the target group.


The background to the project is that surveys show that the perceived mental illness is increasing among young girls both nationally and locally. The goal of Pshout is to influence the development and reduce the negative effects of mental illness for young girls aged 12-18.


The purpose of the various sub-projects is to create a clear picture of the target group, calculate the cost of mental illness to society, create measurable solutions where both the target group and staff are involved, and convey the results from the various sub-projects to relevant activities.

We have shared thoughts and ideas with Helsingborg's youth council. We have also produced a workbook on mental health (Jagego). The workbook has been used and tested in various workshops with students in year 9 and with the organization Young LGBTQ HBG. In this way, we have produced parts of the target group's own thoughts on mental health / ill health as well as the target group's own suggestions for solutions.

The Starka tjejer och Gofar projects are two initiatives that aim to influence young people's health and development through physical activity.

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    The social administration

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    Children and young people, Participation, Mental Health

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    Inhabitant, Landskrona city, Party, Skåne Region, The school and leisure administration, Young LGBTQ HBG


Name: Pernilla Danielsson
E-mail: pernilla.danielsson@helsingborg.se