In order for the city to achieve net zero emissions in 2035, intermediate targets are required, which is why the Property Administration is planning future climate-positive new construction of LSS housing, 6 apartments in Påarp. The accommodation will function as a pilot project.


Construction in Sweden accounts for a large part of society's climate emissions and impact on the environment. The choice of material and installation system can have different amounts of impact on the environment both during the construction period but also during the operating period.


The property management is working on this issue, this to develop in both new and remodeling projects. Pre-study work is in progress and production start is tentatively planned for 2023.

Challenge When designing the LSS accommodation, it will be done in consultation with designers regarding materials that have less impact on the environment but also other components that affect the energy consumption in the accommodation. The property management also looks at various solutions such as recycling during the construction period, but also at material choices that are manufactured in the immediate area to reduce emissions. When it comes to technical installations, we choose solar cells on roofs and electric car chargers. The property management will investigate more innovative solutions to make the accommodation climate-positive.

Impact target

The property management continues its high targets from the current requirement of a maximum of 270 kg CO2 / BTA.

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Name: Hassan El-Achkar
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