How can a city make its maintenance resources more sufficient? The answer is spelled foresighted maintenance where smart technology shows where maintenance efforts are needed. In Helsingborg, both the district heating network and the electricity network are equipped with digital technology for status monitoring and false alarms. Via SAB units (Smart Active Box) in the networks, data is registered in the form of acoustic and electrical signals from deployed sensors. After analysis, error points, potential problems and management status can be assessed. The technology provides faster troubleshooting, shorter downtime, less emergency response and more efficient use of maintenance resources.


The maintenance of district heating and electricity networks can be planned, which is more cost-effective - and better for customers - compared with emergency measures. Maintenance can be directed to the parts of the network that actually need to be repaired, while parts that are in good condition, even if they are old, can be left untouched. It provides efficient use of available maintenance resources and budgets.


Smart Active Box, line sensors and Smart Cable Guard in combination with advanced analyzes show fault points and potential problems, such as leakage, power outages, reduced strength in district heating lines and abnormal discharges in power lines.

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