You have probably heard before that the journey is the goal - and this is exactly what it is! The play area is 800 meters long and connects Drottninghög and Fredriksdal, from Water toy for Dinosaur toy. Instead of one semi-boring transport route that only takes you between point A and point B, there is now this route that encourages all ages to playfulness and movement. 

Here is everythingover obstacle courses, jumping challenges, trees with faces to the outdoor gym and Twister games.
Only the imagination sets limits!

With the play area, we want to test new opportunities for playful elements in the city.





Between the popular playground Dragkar och Prinsessor and the new playground in Fredriksdal, the lane is activated with playful elements for all ages. The purpose is to let the game take up more space in our everyday lives and make otherwise boring transport distances into imaginative adventures that the children long for while we connect two districts with each other. By building a lane that encourages play and movement, we also hope to contribute to a safer city for our residents - here with a focus on the younger residents!


NOTE! You are visiting Lextra at your own risk. It can you may find it a little too fun and gutoath forgets time and room. The risk of exercise pain is imminent. 

The play area will remain even after H22 City Expo, and is a collaboration between the City of Helsingborg, Linnea Hanell (landscape architecture student), Tove Due (HAGS), Karl-Oskar Anderberg (industrial designer),Tim Nedrup (artist) and Martin Björklund (project developer). 

Impact target

We want to test new opportunities for playful elements in the city.


Name: Johanna Elgström
E-mail: johanna.elgstrom@helsingborg.se

Name: Alfred Nerhagen
E-mail: alfred.nerhagen@helsingborg.se