Pixla experience park - a place for you who want to discover the urban space and the whole world in a new way. We see connections, consequences, how we can influence the big through the small and learn together about how our world works - where we are and when life happens. Here, the city provides conditions for you who are curious to unleash your creativity and create innovations.



The Pixlapiren project has for four years been an enabler for Helsingborgers to realize creativity and innovations. Our experience is that it takes inspiration, knowledge, experimentation and discussion to find the really good ideas. We also see that Pixla experience park makes Helsingborg a destination for curiosity, creativity and an experiential city of discovery. Here we really want to create the conditions for the people who WANT something.



By producing "experience pixels" - or discovery pixels, we want to encourage residents, large and small, to come and discover the world in the city and the city in the world. Maybe it will be through science pavilions that come from a current issue or science or it will be something completely different! Through Pep, we will create conditions for an innovative school and exciting leisure time that contributes to creative and innovative Helsingborgers.

The pixels are produced in a unique collaboration between the city's administrations, associations and the business community. In this way, we create experiences with substance rooted in real life.


Impact target

The start-up project intends to present a number of experience pixels to H22 cityexpot. An evaluation is then made to enable a future in the Helsingborg 2035 vision.

Resident involvement

We will enlist the help of small and large residents both in the development and to test and evaluate our pixels.


Name: Ola Paulsson
E-mail: ola.paulsson@helsingborg.se