Pitch 45 is a new forum where players can present their goods or services to the city. During a 45-minute short digital or physical meeting, an actor can present, pitch, his idea to relevant people in the city. The meeting time also includes a dialogue between the actor and the participants from the city as well as a concluding reflection where the selling actor is not involved.


The City of Helsingborg aims to, through collaboration with the city's suppliers, equip and provide residents with weak roots in the labor market increased opportunities to get a job.

In public procurement, entrepreneurs must, in appropriate cases, be offered the opportunity to become community builders and take on increased social responsibility. By letting potential prospective suppliers pitch their offer and social responsibility, the social requirements can more often yield results.

The city wants to do business with more players. Special focus is on social enterprises and actors from civil society who want to develop into social enterprises. By doing more business with these actors, the social economy can grow. The city has a need for structured contact areas with new players.


A Pitch 45 must be preceded by a process and dialogue with the actor. This creates an understanding of what the player considers itself able to offer the city, which meets a need with us. This can, for example, be internships or work training. In that process, it is decided which employees and functions are to be included in Pitch 45. Each Pitch 45 requires a tailor-made set of partners. It all depends on the area, purpose and industry.

A first test of the approach has been carried out which clearly showed that this was something to develop and move forward with. AMF is now developing the scheme together with the purchasing and procurement unit and actors from companies and civil society. A new Pitch 45 will take place in the autumn.

Impact target

Pitch 45 leads to more social goals in procurement being realized and gives more people an opportunity to get a job or to take significant steps towards a job.


Name: Magnus Nilvér
E-mail: magnus.nilver@helsingborg.se