We want to test whether it is possible to personalize the experience on helsingborg.se, which is our largest channel into our total service offering. With millions of visits each year, there is data that we can use to tailor the experience and recommend relevant content based on the customer's focus.


We believe that this test can give us valuable insights into how customers' needs often extend across administrative boundaries, and that AI can help us become even more relevant in our offering to those we exist for.


The municipal website of the future lets the customer's focus guide the experience. The customer wants to find the right information directly - easily and smoothly - without having to know our internal organization. The AI solution being tested is a way to start working more data-driven based on the customer's needs.

Impact target

Fewer numbers of information cases to contact centers.

Impact target

Reduced number of clicks per session


Name: Linn Frick
E-mail: linn.frick@helsingborg.se