Right now, Fredriksdal is evaluating and testing an idea for an outdoor office in the open-air museum's green cultural-historical environments. The goal is to create a co-working space outdoors, where meeting spaces are combined with individual workplaces. Here, employees from the public sector and the business community must be able to work side by side with entrepreneurs, students and researchers.


There is a broad research that shows that outdoor activities in greenery promote health and well-being. It contributes to recovery from stress, provides energy and promotes cognitive abilities such as creativity and collaboration. At the same time, we see that many adults spend most of their working time indoors. This wants to change through the investment.


In the wake of the pandemic, the view of where and how office work takes place has changed. We see a future scenario where outdoor offices have their given place as one of several satellite offices next to the home office and the workplace office. The sustainable workplace of the future is a hybrid of outside and inside.


By creating an outdoor office at Fredriksdal museums and gardens, we also give the business a completely new niche, which in turn can serve as a springboard for new visitors to discover the open-air museum and the botanical garden.

Prototype test. The idea is explored both conceptually and practically. Testers can book a morning or afternoon session Monday-Friday in the autumn of 2021. They are working on two prototypes; a desk where they work standing and a desk with a chair. A booking is valid for both prototypes. Testers may use the two outdoor offices free of charge in exchange for answering two questionnaires after the visit.

Impact target

• That we can demonstrate that there is a general interest and demand for outdoor offices at Fredriksdal museums and gardens.

Impact target

• Practical experiences and lessons for an implementation and an upscaling of outdoor offices in Fredriksdal.

Impact target

• Increased visibility for Fredriksdal museums and gardens, as well as new visitors.


Name: Catharina Nilsson
E-mail: Catharina.Nilsson@helsingborg.se