Soon, the city's residents and visitors can take their office work to Fredriksdal museums and gardens. In the spring of 2020, the business launched outdoor conferences. In 2022, the next step will be taken - the launch of an outdoor office.

With a combination of functional outdoor workplaces and a safe and inspiring environment, more Helsingborgers and visitors will be given the conditions to take their office work outdoors. The idea is that employees from business, the public sector and the self-employed should be able to use the opportunity to work from Fredriksdal.

Through the investment, Helsingborg gets a completely new type of office landscape where people can meet, recharge their batteries, plan and focus. Outdoor workplaces in Fredriksdal mean that an existing green resource in the city is used in a new way for the benefit of the residents' health and quality of life.


Health, quality of life and sustainable working life. A broad research highlights the benefits of staying outdoors in greenery. It lowers our stress levels, provides energy and promotes cognitive abilities such as creativity and collaboration. At the same time, we see that many adults spend 80-90 % of their time indoors, and that problems such as sedentary, stress and burnout increase in society. Therefore, smart solutions are needed that give the residents the conditions for a healthier working life.

Flexible working life. In the wake of the pandemic, the view of where and how office work takes place has changed. Many demand greater flexibility in working life, with the opportunity to work from home or from satellites closer to home. We see a future scenario where outdoor offices have a given place as one of several satellite offices next to the home office and the workplace office. The sustainable workplace of the future is a hybrid of outside and inside.

Added value! Through outdoor workplaces in Fredriksdal, a completely new entrance to the cultural and natural heritage that exists in Fredriksdal is created. The investment makes it possible for the open-air museum to become relevant to more people and function as a completely new type of meeting place in Helsingborg. Here, people from business, government and universities can work side by side beyond hierarchies and organizational boundaries.


The idea of an outdoor office was tested in Fredriksdal during the autumn of 2021. Helsingborgers had the opportunity to test work on two prototypes for outdoor desks thanks to a collaboration with the design studio Superlab and the outdoor furniture company Nola. The test has provided valuable input for an implementation of outdoor workplaces in Fredriksdal. It has also shown that there is interest among Helsingborgers to work from the open-air museum.

During the year, Fredriksdal will build up zones for outdoor work. Two new wifi points will be in place. Through collaboration with the company Soliotech, a prototype solution with solar cells will also be created to see if wifi, electricity and storage can be integrated into a common service node. Furthermore, wireless kits with routers and power banks will be tested to give flexibility to those who want to choose a place in Fredriksdal for their outdoor office work.

To meet users' different needs and preferences and create space for flexibility, Fredriksdal is investing in a diversified solution with mobile and stationary outdoor offices. The range will consist of folding chairs with table top, laptop stands, outdoor desks, rotatable outdoor chairs with table top, and work surfaces that are attached to trees. Most of these products are new to the market.

The outdoor offices will be offered as a payment service in the form of a monthly subscription. Businesses such as companies, municipalities, authorities, universities and self-employed people must be able to buy the service. Drop in passes will be sold in Fredriksdal's main entrance.

Fredriksdal's investment in outdoor offices begins on a small scale, but can be scaled up gradually (with more outdoor workplaces, increased comfort, expanded infrastructure and ancillary services) as demand increases. The concept is also applicable to other green destinations.

Impact target

• Get more Helsingborgers to take their office work and meetings outdoors.

Impact target

• By providing outdoor workplaces, promoting health and quality of life as well as sustainability and flexibility in working life.

Impact target

• Create a new entrance to the cultural and natural heritage that exists in Fredriksdal, and attract new visitors.


Name: Catharina Nilsson
E-mail: Catharina.Nilsson@helsingborg.se