At Fredriksdal, conferences and meetings are offered in a very attractive, inspiring outdoor environment. The idea developed in the spring, when the demand for customary indoor meetings plummeted, but there were still signals that indicated a desire to continue conferencing and meet physically, albeit in new forms.


Social and physical distancing has, on the one hand, led to valuable shifts in our meeting behaviors: for example, we have become much more skilled at handling digital meetings and at creating value in that form of meeting. On the other hand, there remains a great need to physically meet in groups to conduct and develop activities together. This need becomes clearer as the pandemic drags on and the risk of employees being isolated and losing their collegial context. The physical meeting is thus still important in many companies and organizations, not least from a social sustainability perspective. With the outdoor conferences in Fredriksdal, we make room for that need, at the same time as we reduce the risk of the spread of infection and concerns about the spread of infection (which can more easily gain a foothold in a traditional indoor meeting environment). With the unique environment in Fredriksdal as a meeting place, great opportunities are also created for energy-giving and health-promoting elements and breaks.


We load the meeting business with conference equipment and materials and create a simple and unique conference concept in a place that breathes sustainability and greenery.

Resident involvement

Outdoor conferences in the time of distancing Many different types of groups booked into Fredriksdal's outdoor conferences during the test season 2020. Private companies, various municipal activities and associations. Dialogue about user needs and experience has occurred before, during and / or after visits. Furthermore, a number of interviews have been conducted afterwards. Thanks to close contact with those who book and use the outdoor conferences, the service has been able to be adapted and adjusted during the test period.


Name: Catharina Nilsson
E-mail: catharina.nilsson@helsingborg.se