OPS! is a concept that in its basic module is a seating unit that contains wifi, charging the phone, heating for comfort and light for security. Five basic modules will be installed in the new, smart district of Oceanhamnen. Each module is developed together with different partners and has different themes but shares the same goals:

  • Contribute to innovative or unexpected experiences in the urban space, perhaps with humor or new perspectives
  • Provide added value or fill a need for the public
  • Feel free to be interactive or otherwise stimulate activity
  • Promote social gatherings and city life

A water OPS! is developed by the Environmental Administration together with Cado, which makes equipment for playgrounds, and the technology company EC Solution, which has developed a concept where you as a visitor can both play with the seawater and dive for a look below the surface.

The cultural administration explores the possibilities of offering strong cultural experiences in new ways when they use AI and IoT to sound parts of the city. In the spring of 2022, the OPS! Modules for Oceanhamnen will be completed and they will be in place before the summer. The idea is that residents should be able to sit in the module and look out over the water with sound images that add an extra dimension.



The city has identified about ten places in Oceanhamnen that need wifi to create good coverage in the district. To these places we draw electricity and fiber, which is the infrastructure to be able to create a smart city.

We believe that the OPS! Concept can become like innovative hubs in urban spaces with innovative and surprising functions and promote social encounters between residents.



In water- OPS! young and old can compete in pumping up seawater and filling tanks that splash back into the sea or take turns with the binoculars to see how fish and mussels are doing. The binoculars allow you to see 180 degrees below the surface of the harbor. If you then want to keep in touch with the underwater world, you can also dive below the surface from home or on the bus because the camera is connected to the web.

The technology in audio OPS! gives you as a visitor the opportunity to hear music based on collected climate data and algorithms. One module tests how AI can interact with human creators to create new musical works of art. Current data linked to temperature, wind, air pressure, lux values from the sun and air particles form algorithms that together with musical segments generate suggestive sounds and ambient music.

-Sure you get curious?

With the same curiosity, we let the future meet the past when we ask ourselves the question:

- How did the port really sound in the past? You will also be able to hear it as an alternative reality at the touch of a button when you are in an OPS!


Impact target

Increased quality of life for the inhabitants of the urban environment with the help of new technology and new collaborations


Name: Sara Schlyter
E-mail: Sara.Schlyter@helsingborg.se