Can we unleash the power of motivation and creativity and increase students' awareness of their own study strategies with the help of individualized AI for music?


We want to explore new ways to:

  • Find the right challenge for the right student at the right time
  • Create greater insight into the student's own learning strategies
  • Increase the desire to learn and the courage to test
  • Free up more time for the relationship between teacher and student



We want to see if the possibilities with artificial intelligence can help us individualize music education and that idea we will test and explore during the first months of the autumn term -21.

Impact target

Increased insights about learning strategies and increased goal fulfillment

Resident involvement

The idea is explored together with the students at Musikgrundskolan Synkopen.


Name: Anna Forsvall Lundmark
E-mail: anna.forsvalllundmark.helsingborg.se