Epitrend is a statistical tool developed by Spectronic Medical and implemented in a collaboration between the City of Helsingborg, Spectronic Medical, Wihlborgs and Get AI.


By measuring and paying attention to trends in body temperature in large groups of people, it will be possible to create a better basis for decision-making for health-promoting initiatives. For example, we can get early indications of when the flu season begins and make estimates of how long it looks to be.


With the help of sensors that estimate body temperature at a distance and AI that analyzes data, we can measure trends of elevated body temperature in large groups of people. Because fever is considered an early and relatively safe sign of incipient or ongoing infectious disease, these statistics may warn of future epidemics in society. The statistics can also be used to compare public health locally with other parts of the country.

No personal data is stored because the data processing takes place in the sensor itself. The tool can thus not be used to retrieve information about individuals' body temperature, only trends in society.

This is an innovation pilot that is being tested at Helsingborg C. If the pilot project gives good results, sensors can be used in other places in the city.


Impact target

Higher quality in decision-making around the city's epidemic management


Name: Martin Güll
E-mail: martin.gull@Helsingborg.se

Name: Joakim Jardenberg, Get AI
E-mail: joakim@getai.se