The city is growing and thus also the need for preschools and schools. At the same time, there is a great need to renew the urban environment in several of the city's million program areas. By combining these two needs, we together with Helsingborghem create a sustainable urban development. With recycled bricks from million program houses from Drottninghög and residual lots from other construction projects and demolition, the Property Management Villa Canzonetta preschool is building on Närlunda, a large project where recycling and circular economy are in focus.


The construction industry accounts for a large part of Sweden's carbon dioxide emissions, so we must find a more climate-smart way to build houses. With this in mind, the Villa Canzonetta preschool is being built with a strong focus on recycling and circularity, as a step in the right direction. Building materials are reused and reused without compromising on either quality, environmental or energy goals.


The preschool is built, among other things, from recycled bricks from Helsingborgshem's old million program areas. In addition, building materials from residues, demolition objects and other products that for some reason should have been thrown away are used, such as lighting, bicycle racks, sinks and furnishings. The school's outdoor environment will be created with the help of nature's own building materials: stones, logs and vegetation instead of newly produced play equipment.

The preschool is not only an exciting project in Helsingborg but also part of an EU project on recycling and circular economy. Villa Canzonetta preschool will be completed in 2023.

Estimated budget: Construction cost: SEK 40-45 million

Impact target

Recycling and circular economy


Name: Anna Olsson
E-mail: anna.olsson9@helsingborg.se