A completely new business model for concert series with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, where subscribers pay a fixed monthly fee and in return receive unlimited access to the orchestra's concerts.


For a number of years now, there has been a general change in consumer behavior in the experience sector. The audience tends to decide later and later on purchases and is reluctant to lock themselves into large commitments over a long period of time. This points in the direction that the business model with seasonal subscriptions, and in particular such subscription categories which contain many concerts and which are thus more expensive, loses its attractiveness in favor of shorter series and single-ticket sales. Flexibility is the watchword in this context. One of several ways to meet this changing buying pattern is to offer monthly subscriptions corresponding to what is available for, for example, recorded music (such as Spotify), movies and series (such as Netflix) and magazines (such as Readly).


We are introducing the flexibly cancelable monthly subscription Not-flex. This form of subscription could also be used for digitally accessible concert activities, which not least can prove to be a valuable post-Corona solution.

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    Helsingborg Arena and Scen AB

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    Digitization, Culture

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    Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra


Name: Fredrik Österling
E-mail: fredrik.osterling@helsingborg.se